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Nov 10th 2017 10:13PM
Continued: Sardonis jumps Grace and strangles her.

Sardonis: Hi Grace, did you miss me?
(Grace dies and falls)
Sardonis: We should have some privacy with my black widows. You know (?) used to take these things for fun.
(Necro scenes)
(Post-necro) Sardonis: What was left of the black widows?


Nov 10th 2017 10:07PM
Scene Continued

Grace: Don't finish him off yet. We may need him for information and codes. He's going nowhere (?). Don't worry (?). We'll take care of everything (leaves room).
(Casey draws the black widow logo on Sardonis' chest; Undresses and starts pleasuring herself)
(Sardonis awakes and shoots Casey dead)
Sardonis: You always were an idiot. That's why you washed out. Now I wonder where our little girl Grace went.
(Grace finds Casey dead with the black widow logo on her forehead)


Nov 10th 2017 10:03PM
Scene 1 continued

Grace: There's only one way that I'm going to sleep better at night. That's if you're dead. (Gives Sardonis an aphrodisiac pill) Open up. Enjoy the black widow aphrodisiac. You know I haven't forgotten how much I love dead cock.

(Sex scene)
(Casey beats up Sardonis; Grace enjoys; Sardonis falls unconscious)
Casey: (?) (Points gun at Sardonis)


Nov 10th 2017 9:59PM
Scene 1 continued:

Grace: Alright, I'll meet you shortly.

Scene 2: Grace and Casey sneak into Sardonis' headquarters. Find Sardonis sleeping and hold him at gunpoint.

Sardonis: Well well well, Grace X, I haven't seen you since your black widow days.
Grace: Yes, well, I was the best agent you ever had. I hear you've been killing off the black widows lately.
Sardonis: Not you. You've long since retired. We would have left you alone. Same for your (?) friend over here. Too much...


Nov 10th 2017 9:54PM
Scene 1: Grace X sneaks into a house. Takes a note and leaves. Opens computer and puts on trademark glasses.

(Phone call) Grace: Hey, you won't believe this. I'm in the office now, and the rumours that we heard, they are fucking true. They are getting rid of the black widows. But I'm retired, and you watched out for the program. Why shouldn't they us decide to take us out like those 3? I agree, they only way to make sure we don't get murdered too is to take out chief Sardonis.


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