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I know the slogan is, "go ahead, she isn't looking," but fuck, I wish she would!! I want her to see me pump my cock to her sexy body! I want her to see how much cum I boil up because of her and see the look on her face when we lock eyes as it unloads. I want her to see how much pleasure stroking my cock to her brings me and for her to stare in amazement at the dirty, naughty, filthy things that come out of my mouth that I want to do with her, to her, and for her to do to me.

I have a thing for my mother and in a pinch, MILFs and GILFs.

A lovely little BDSM Test - pleasantly surprised at the accuracy

== Results from ==

100% Exhibitionist >> without a doubt
100% Switch >> sometimes on an hourly basis
100% Voyeur >> acquitted!
100% Non-monogamist >> my girl will attest to this, though she's found the benefit it can bring her
95% Rigger >> always great when work can contribute to sex
87% Rope bunny >> in retrospect, i should've known this already
70% Daddy/Mommy >> sometimes one, sometimes the other - depends on which panties i'm wearing at the time

69% Experimentalist
63% Primal (Hunter)
62% Sadist
61% Submissive
56% Dominant
54% Ageplayer
49% Brat
49% Vanilla
47% Masochist
44% Degrader
43% Boy/Girl
39% Master/Mistress
25% Pet
23% Slave
22% Degradee
12% Primal (Prey)
0% Owner


Some great incest flims and clips

A great library of porn comix

A constantly update image page of Rule 34 to your heart's content



Apr 5th 2018 11:09PM
and here i thought i wasn't gonna jerk off today...thanks for those


Mar 9th 2018 6:38PM
Love it, great view!


Mar 9th 2018 6:37PM
Love the new uploads! So jealous :P~~


Mar 5th 2018 8:45PM
>knock knock< neighborhood rapist, just checking in


Mar 5th 2018 8:41PM
i came


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This might sting a little
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